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The Lords of the Valley is a mobile game that takes place in the valley of the river exposed to unexpected droughts and floods. Participants take role of farmers-businessmen, water authorities, local authorities, bank and non-governmental organization. Players attempt to achieve their own goals, facing many challenges arising from the decisions of other players and the unpredictability of the environment.


The community of the Valley consists of farmers and people working in one of the local organizations: Local Government, Water Board, Local Development Office (LDO), Bank and Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (ENGO).

The Farmers use their parcels in very different ways. The parcels are of the same size but differ by their elevations.

At the beginning of each year, farmers are presented with the results of their actions from the previous year. They get their hard-earned money from LDO and they can decide if they’re satisfied with their current strategy, or maybe they want to change it.

The Local Government collects the taxes.

The Water Board plans and invests in water infrastructure.

The Valley Bank provides investment loans. Environmental NGO encourages the community to take a greater care of the environment.

During each year, the Valley residents make many transactions between themselves. Filled with joys and challenges, year after year goes by, like the river flowing through the Valley.


The Lords of the Valley game is a laborator for practicing strategy, collaboration and leadership in a complex environment.


Engage your audience

Develop skills for effective communication and collaboration

Master systems thinking

Learn effectively in optimal conditions

Diagnose organizational problems

Experience complex business reality

Practice strategic and leadership skills

Learn how to align goals, negotiate and coordinate actions


Prototype of the new Lords of the Valley (Wladcy Doliny) board game was created for Green Games project.


Licensed game. To play contact Centre for Systems Solutions.

Number of players

more than 10 players

Number of moderators

2-3 moderator


2 hours and more


Technical requirements

one computer or tablet per each player or team of players, with current version of Google Chrome browser installed

How to run this game?

To run/play this game go to the game’s website and contact its creators.

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