Climate Game is an interactive online game that sets you on a quest to settle on an uninhabited island covered by green trees and thick forests.

Harvest, use and plant trees. Manage your income to develop island infrastructure. Beware of the consequences of your actions! Bankruptcy? Natural disasters?

Death keeps no calendar. And because progress always comes with a price the further in the game you get the more difficult it becomes.

Will you try to multiply your personal wealth? Or will you work for a public good? Or maybe you will play it “green”?Experiment with different strategies while negotiating, cooperating or competing with other players who are not always sympathetic with your cause.

Are you ready to take the fate of the island in your hands?


To play the Climate Game, gather friends or join an existing session. You can play with a group in the same room or via the Internet, communicating with other players through the in-game chat.

Players make decisions that affect the common good their community shares: a piece of land with forest that grows on it. They can harvest trees, use non-timber forest resources, plant new trees and monitor other community members. Performing each action uses certain amount of time per each year. Players can benefit from the patch of land in three different ways: they can either harvest it, use it or build one of available buildings. Each building brings player specific income every round. Harvesting trees allows them to make money. Harvest yield depends on the forest stage – the older the trees are, the more money player gains. By harvesting a patch player destroys the forest on it. Players can also make money by using non-timber forest resources, but it’s significantly less profitable. Yield from forest use depends also on the forest stage. By using the patch players don’t destroy the forest on it.

Forest regenerates with a certain recruitment rate proportional to the overall forest condition – this means that new trees sprout on empty patches – the more trees around the more new seedlings each round. Players can plant trees on the patches and in this way support natural regeneration of the forest. Players can also monitor other members of their community. Performing monitoring action reveals the actions of randomly selected community member.

NOTE: These settings can be easily modified by the moderator (e.g. forest use or monitoring can be disabled).


Climate Game is an experimental game exploring collaboration and communication in context of common goods management and climate change.


Learn practices that create a sustainable system in any environment, business or organisation.

Discover correlation between greenhouse gases and climate change.

Learn mechanics of climate change from game’s analogy.

Learn skills for effective communication and collaboration in context of common goods management and climate change.

Explore practices that create a sustainable system in any environment, business or organisation.

Practice strategic and leadership skills.

Experience complex organizational reality.

Align goals, negotiate and coordinate actions.


Created for Green Games project.


Free for non-comercial purpose.

Number of players

more than 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


1-2 hours


Technical requirements

one computer or tablet per each player or team of players, with current version of Google Chrome browser installed

How to run this game?

To play/run this game got to the game’s website and contact it’s creators.

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