Settlers of the green Future is based on the mechanics of the world-famous Settlers of Catan. In this game players set off on a journey to make the future of our planet Earth GREEN.


Players choose their Settlers (Market Liberal, Institutionalist, Social Green, Bioenvironmentalist). After the roles of different Settlers are chosen, set up the board. Circular number tokens are placed on top of the corresponding tiles. Each player arranges political capital. Sustainable settlements are divided in the form of  “asterisk” marker.

Each round, a roll of the dice decides which Green Policies will be generated during that round. Those policies will become irreplaceable in the process of building political capital, sustainable settlements, eco-cities, and eco-cooperatives.

During each round, each player can choose to focus on creating a ‘green future’ (individually or in cooperation with other players) negotiate trades of green policies or invest in Personal Development cards that can help you during the game.

If by any chance, a 7 is rolled, the fossil will be activated. Its growth wipes out green policies if a player has more than 7 green policy cards on hand.

To win the game player has to accumulate 10 or more green points.  But if an alliance of players accumulates 10 points they can win collectively.


The game was created before Rio+20 Earth Summit in June 2012 using real-world sustainable development policy and action proposals.


The game is created in such a way that stimulates players to build so called “eco-cooperatives”

Training in decision making under uncertanity

Training in pro-environmental policy making

Training in negotiations and cooperation

Training in planning ahead

Understanding the diversity and range of options available that can help nations achieve a green future.


Based on famous Settlers of Catan



Free for non-comercial purpose.

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


1-2 hours


Settlers of the Green Future


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