Crabby's reef
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Crabby's reef
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Crabby’s Reef uses a classic arcade game style to explore the impacts ocean acidification has on marine animals. Guide Crabby through the maze-like reef, searching for food and avoiding the octopuses that want to eat Crabby. With each level you are transported further into the future where increasing acidity is making it harder for Crabby to find food and avoid predators.


The game has a familiar arcade style. Move Crabby around the reef collecting food pellets and dodging predators.


Increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are increasing the rate it is absorbed by the world’s oceans. When it interacts with sea water it produces carbonic acid and over time this lowers the pH of the oceans and makes them more acidic.

Marine animals are adapted for an ocean that has a pH at current levels, around 8.1. As it lowers this inhibits their ability to smell food and predators, amongst other effects, endangering their lives.

The majority of people are unaware of ocean acidification and its links to climate change. Our game demonstrates how increasing ocean acidity makes life harder for marine animals and raises awareness of the issue.

Target group

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Free to play online

Number of players

1 player

Number of moderators

no moderator


less than 15 minutes


Technical requirements

The game is available on PC browser only. It will not work on mobile device or tablet. Works best using Chrome browser. 

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