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Gifts of Culture is a board game role-playing simulation of a diverse culturaly community. Players become the representatives of various groups living in the flood-prone valley. Though they represent various views and ideals, they all have the same goal – for their group to have a better life. How will they achieve that with the constant threat of flood looming above their heads?

Each of the actions players can undertake has its advantages and disadvantages. Information sharing and collaboration can greatly improve their outcomes, however, diverse cultural backgrounds make it very difficult.

The Gift of Culture allows players to experience how cultural differences can lead to troubles but at the same time they can also be helpful. Play and use the “gift of culture” to improve community flood resilience.


Players take on the roles of the representatives of the specific groups living in the valley. 

Players have to overcome cultural barriers hindering their communication.

Players discuss actions they can undertake and allocate the valley’s budget in the way that will benefit their groups the most. 

Each group has few families with specific needs and likings. Players’ actions affect families wellbeing and safety. 

Safety is crucial when it comes to the flood. 

Players observe how their actions influenced the outcome of each round and the living conditions (wellbeing and safety) of the groups they are responsible for.


Diversity in the context of flood resilience.


Players understand different ways how cultural factors affect disaster preparedness and ability to cope.

Players improve collaboration and information sharing skills, especially in regards of collaboration between organizations and individuals representing diverse cultural backgrounds leading to improved disaster resilience

Players increase their understanding of disaster risk for heterogeneous cultural backgrounds.

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


1-2 hours


Gifts of Culture kit (cards, boards, map)

How to run this game?

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