4 sustainability video games

4 video games you’d never think could teach sustainability

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Video gaming is as popular as it gets. People all over the world reach out to games for fun times and entertainment. Unfortunately, games created for educational purposes don’thave the same luck when it comes to popularity. Because of the assumption that “serious games” are boring, sometimes it is enough for the game to have word “education” somewhere in the description to scare gamers away. But what gamers do not know is that they are already playing a lot of educational games without even noticing.


Here are 4 games that you would never think could teach you about sustainability:


Never Alone

never aloneWe have previously written about this amazing game that became solid bridge between old and new generations of Alaskan native tribes, and with that it partially fulfils the 11th Sustainable Development Goal’s target to: “strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage”. The game garnered a lot of attention for its stunning visuals and interesting gameplay, allowing two players at the same time to enjoy the game.


MinecraftMinecraft spawned many interesting games created with education in mind, for example Eco. And not without reason. With simple pixel graphics, this interesting world-building game manages to gain many fans all around the world. In the game, players can build whatever they want by utilizing available resources, like wood, coal or iron. Moreover, players can create their own plantation, remembering to provide condition and necessary amount of water, breed animals to preserve the species and plant trees to preserve materials future resources. Additionally to basic Minecraft, there are various EDU servers.

Papers, please

papers, pleasePapers, please hit it big few years ago and is still fairly popular in gamers community. The game let’s its players become an official at Grestin Border Checkpoint in fictional communist country Arstotzka. Revolving around different moral issues, this compelling game make its players experience inequalities, fears and problems of the communist country inhabitant.


Sim City series

simcityLong-lived urban management game lets players experience the hardships of city management. No matter which installment of the series players they choose, they will learn something about sustainability and sustainable city management, be it clean energy, good sanitation and its impact on city residents’ satisfaction. Similar to Minecraft, educators make use of Sim City educational features in Sim City EDU.



For other games that could teach you sustainability check our Sustainability Gamepedia.

Do you know any other sustainable games? Share with us!

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3 thoughts on “4 video games you’d never think could teach sustainability

  1. Hello Michalina! I’m doing my BA degree on sustainable games and convincing developers to hop on board too. I was wondering if maybe you would have any direction on who to contact or how to get started. Loved your article, these are the kind of developers I hope to influence to act more intentionally about adding sustainable aspects to their games.

    1. Hi Marienne! Thanks for the comments! I would love to help if I can! I will contact you through an e-mail!