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Evacuation is a challenge for all

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Evacuation in a face of a disaster is a challenge for all parties involved. Panic and confusion are no friends nor to the rescue team nor to the evacuees. But there are many more obstacles on the road to safety than people normally think of. The Evacuation Challenge Game is just the right tool to help you realize them.


Participants of the EDUCEN project meeting in Wageningen, Netherlands played Evacuation Challenge Game, created by the Centre for Systems Solutions.



Without any specific intro, the participants of the meeting formed few groups. Each player received simple instructions. But only one group of the players obtained the most important piece of information; the zombies are coming! The whole city has to evacuate to avert being eaten!

This group’s – the Evacuation Team’s – main goal was to evacuate as many people as possible and bring them to safety.

The evacuation wasn’t an easy task. With varied restrictions on both sides, it was particularly difficult for the evacuation team to pass on the information about zombies’ attack. What’s more, effectively evacuating people who don’t speak the same language, are disabled or restricted by their culture taboos was a grave problem.


Watch  how the rescue team dealt with Evacuation Challenge at EDUCEN meeting:


The Evacuation Challenge Game is an important tool to understand how the language and culture differences affect the capacity of the emergency crew to provide an effective help during disasters. The materials for the game are now downloadable from our page.

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