Dramatizing Difficult Concepts

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Dramatizing Difficult Concepts is a game, where teams are given a limited time to create and perform a skit conveying a specific topic or problem, without saying the taboo words.


Players have 30 minutes to make a skit that conveys the concept from their Concept Card.

Skits are then performed at the centre area of the room. Taboo words are not to be spoken. Teams may use props found in or around the gameplay location to enhance skits. Teams have three minutes to act out their skits. Enforcers must ensure the time limit is not exceeded and taboo words are not spoken.

After each performance, teams discuss skit and the topic of the skit.

Next, teams vote for the best performance by placing beans on each other’s Blank Index Cards. Teams can not vote for themselves.

Facilitator checks the outcome of voting and declares a winner.


Main goal of the game is to increase understanding of and reflect on difficult concepts in a fun and interactive way.


Understanding and reflecting on difficult concepts in an interactive way.

It may help with communication in high-stress situations such as disaster etc.

Depending on the chosen topic, players can discuss and find solutions to many modern problems, which include disaster management, gender and culture problems.


It is easy to incorporate elements of gender and culture into the game.




Free for non-comercial purpose.

Number of players

more than 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


1-2 hours


10 beans per team

1 Concept Card per team

1 Enforcer Card

1 Index Card per team

1 timer

1 prize for winning team


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