The Game of Urban Renewal gives players the opportunity to take a part in complete transformation of the city. With many interesting option, that are likely to be ignored by other board games with similar themes, such as a bulldoze option, The Game of Urban Renewal brings on excitement and unexpected outcomes.


Players take on different roles: City Councilor, Developer, Community Activist, City Planning Employee, Man-On-The-Street, Academic Urban Theorist, Resident of Existing Development to be Demolished, Mayor, Random, Federal Politician, Skyscraper Enthusiast, Garbage Man.

The round starts with Mayor’s move. Mayor later decides who will go next

Each player, starting with the Mayor, spins the Decision Engine Wheel at the start of his or her turn. Player has to follow the instructions connected to the outcome of spinning.

The wheel can stop at one of those icons: Condominium, Commercial Building, Public Housing, School, Bulldozer, Park, Planning Directive.

The game will come to an end naturally when all players leave the game to pursue different goals.


The game concerns all the things that can be done during the creation or renewal city.


Players understand various problems connected to the urban renewal.

Players learn about different groups of interests.

Players train their decision-making skills.

Players participate in urban management and understand dangers associated with being disconnected from other groups of interests.



Number of players

more than 10 players

Number of moderators

no moderator


2 hours and more


The Game of Urban Renewal kit


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