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The action of the Lords of the Valley takes place in the river valley, which is in danger because of unexpected droughts and floods. The players impersonate the roles of farmers, local authorities, bank, and environmental non-governmental organizations. The participants set objectives on their own, which are there trying to achieve. They are facing numerous of challenges, born by the decisions of other players and the unpredictability of the environment.
The game gives the opportunity to understand how important the biodiversity is and how the lack of cooperation and communication between different groups of interests makes finding the optimal solution impossible. If the residents of the river valley will be able to establish a productive dialogue, the welfare of each player will not safer.
The challenges, which solving complicated problems in Lords of the Valley gives are connecting with the fascinating dynamics of human relationships. The game engages and educates and at the same time perfectly entertains.
The game, develop in the project will be the board game, adapted for children and youth needs a version of the game used during the professional training in the business environment.


The community of the Valley consists of farmers and people working in one of the local organizations: Local Government, Water Board, Local Development Office (LDO), Bank and Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (ENGO).

The Farmers use their parcels in very different ways. The parcels are of the same size but differ by their elevations.

At the beginning of each year, farmers are presented with the results of their actions from the previous year.

The Valley Bank provides investment loans.

During each year, the Valley residents make many transactions between themselves. Filled with joys and challenges, year after year goes by, like the river flowing through the Valley.


Biodiversity. Water management. Collaboration. Valley community.


Players develop skills for effective communication and collaboration.

Players learn the basics of biodiversity and water management.

Players learn to diagnose organizational problems.

Players practice strategic and leadership skills.

Players learn how to align goals, negotiate and coordinate actions.


Lords of the Valley the board game was created as a part of the Green Games project realized within the Operational Programme PL02 “The protection of the biological diversity and ecosystems” within the EEA Grants. Climate Game and Catan: Oil Springs were other games used in this project.

All game elements are made of environmentally friendly materials.



To play contact Centre for Systems Solutions (

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


1-2 hours


Lords of the Valley the board game kit




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