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During Hazagora, players become the inhabitants of a volcanic island that have to develop themselves and sustain their communities. But since the island is regularly affected by geological hazards, the communities also have to get ready to face them. What is the mechanism of the hazards, what are the impacts and what can a community do to protect herself from this hazard are questions answered during the game.


During the game, the players embody five characters that live on the Hazagora volcanic island: the mayor, the fisherman, the lumberjack, the farmer and the tourist guide.They have to develop themselves on the island and sustain their community. But they also have to prepare themselves to face several hazards that can hit the island such as earthquakes, lava flows, tephra fall, and tsunamis. The players can therefore acquire during the game protections cards or define during council meetings specific communities strategies in order to become more resilient. During the game, players learn about the mechanism of the hazards, their impacts and protection measures that can be implemented.


Hazards, community preparedness, response and recovery.


Players understand what influences the vulnerability of a community with respect to hazardous phenomena.

Players learn about the mechanisms of hazards and their impacts.

Players become aware of the potential strategies that can be applied to make a community more resilient.

Players experience disaster risk in a safe environment where they will not have to deal with the real consequences of their decisions.


For further reading on Hazagora visit this website.




Free for non-commercial purposes.

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


2 hours and more


Downloadable instructions.


How to run this game?

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