In the Hazagora players become the inhabitants of a volcanic island. While getting accustomed to their new roles in the community, they are faced with a risk of a disaster that can occur at any given time. How will they deal with this new situation? They have to learn how to prepare for and respond to the unexpected hazards.


Players become the inhabitants of a volcanic island divided into three different zones: coastal, forest and agricultural lands. Each of the players role-plays as one of 5 characters: the mayor, fisherman, lumberjack, farmer and tourist guide. They are then faced with the questions of how to prepare for and respond to various geohazards such as earthquakes, lava flows, tephra fall, and tsunamis. The intervals between disasters are randomly defined by the moderator.


Preparedness, response, reconstruction and building community resilience.

Target group


Players learn about the mechanisms of hazards, impacts on infrastructure, natural resources, and livelihood.

Players understand what influences the vulnerability of a community with respect to hazardous phenomena.

Players become aware of the potential strategies that can be applied to make a community more resilient.

Players experience disaster risk under high uncertainty in a safe environment.



Free for non-commercial purposes.

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


2 hours and more


Downloadable instructions.


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