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Games with a theme of the tragedy of the commons are frequent guests on our blog and in our gamepedia . Previously, we posted about CRS games such as A Common Dilemma which you can play on our Games Platform. Now we are presenting a different game on the subject of common goods – Catan: Oil Springs.

The Catan: Oil Springs is the old good Catan with a little environmental twist. Players, besides other resources such as wood or stone, can also use oil to develop their cities and roads.


But using too much oil has its consequences for whole Catan.

The game was a part of the Green Games project.

For more info read this interesting article about Catan:

Official Catan: Oil Spring page

IO9 – Oil Springs of Catan explores the tragedy of the commons

Andrew David Thaler’s blog – in which four environmental scientists play Oil Springs of Catan, destroy world

Did you play it? Would you like to play it? Let us know what you think about Catan: Oil Springs!

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