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Forest Rules
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Forest Rules
Forest Rules 1
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Forest Rules 3
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Forest Rules game gives players opportunity to experience the dilemmas connected with sustainable resource management. It recreates basic dynamics behind forest, harvest and its regeneration. The game enables players to create their own institutions regarding forest cutting and its maintenance, and it also provides tools to enforce them.


Forest Rules game is created and conducted by the Moderator. This user has total control of the game and its parameters. Moderator creates the instance of the game and invites players to join it.

Players do not require an account to play the game – login details are delivered to them with an invitation.

In the game players will become members of the community and they will be able to make decisions about harvesting the common-pool resource. Each player revenue comes from his/her own decisions, but the costs depend on actions of the whole community.

Players can choose how much of the resource they want to harvest.

They can also monitor other players to check how many trees they harvested and sanction them.

Their income depends on both their own decision and the decision of other members of the community.

They can choose whether they concentrate on their own payoff or want to cooperate to improve the wealth of the whole group.


Common goods resource.


The game engages the players emotionally as the fate of the community is in their hands. They can choose between competition and cooperation and their decisions will shape the future of the forest.

The application was designed to convey complex theory behind the dilemma of common-pool resources by playing the game. It is based on theoretical framework and experiments connected with this problem.

The players have the opportunity to experience the dynamic impacts of their decisions and to test various strategic assumptions related to forest governance.


The free registration gives you access to games platform. You are able to instantly use two games about resources governance: Forest Rules and A Common Dilemma.


Free for non-comercial purpose.

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


1-2 hours


Technical requirements

computer with web connection

best with Chrome web-browser

How to run this game?

Go to our Games Platform and run your own session.

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