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Welcome to Ruritania!

Ruritania Game is set in a rural region that is rich in tangible and intangible cultural and natural heritage. From productive local agriculture and craft businesses; to historical, religious and cultural sites and traditions; to beautiful landscapes, Ruritania has a lot to offer to tourists and local residents alike. However, it has been struggling with depopulation, lower levels of education, natural and manmade disasters, and even migration. Your community has come together to take advantage of its heritage to revitalize and regenerate the region socially and economically. Your community is represented in Ruritania Game by 9 roles: 2 regional government roles (Rural Development Agency and Regional Civil Protection Agency); 2 local government roles (Departments of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning); 3 public-private associations (Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Association and Cultural Heritage Association); and 2 private associations (Environmental Association and Educators Association).

As the game proceeds, members of your community, in these roles, will decide on specific projects to help them reach their goals. Will they be successful in regenerating the region? Will they manage to prepare for the unexpected? Only by playing can they find out.

The whole structure of Serious Game Kit contains a complete package, including the elements of the game, an additional facilitation material for self-printing (Zip folder), Ruritania Game Instructions document, and extra Video Training for moderators (7 instructional videos). All the materials listed below are available in RURITAGE Replication Tool Box. It enables anyone to freely download the material, print it, prepare a session, and play the game.

The materials provide instructions for moderators and workshop organizers on how to use Ruritania Game with local stakeholders. It includes detailed information about game elements, game rules and game-flow. After reading the documents, reviewing the additional facilitation materials and doing a little practice, everyone should be able to lead the game.


Typically, a game with Ruritania lasts between 4 and 5 rounds; in the Workshop section, there is more detail about this. For now, it is enough to know that each round represents roughly 1 year and is divided into four general phases:

We see what is happening in the world, what is possible,
and what impacts the previous year’s investments had.

Participants in their roles select projects to do
and try to convince others that they are worth funding.

The funded projects are implemented.

The town’s resilience is tested.

The game is over when you have played either 4 or 5 rounds or you run out of time. There is no need
to announce that it will be the last round; simply announce that the game is over and that you are moving
to the debriefing. Remember you need to leave 45 minutes for a debriefing.


Ruritania Game was designed by the Centre for System Solutions (CRS) in cooperation with UNESCO, Replicators, and UNIBO as part of the EU Horizon 2020 project RURITAGE. It was co-developed and further used by project partners across Europe to engage local stakeholders – that is, teachers, policymakers, and business owners in discussions about how to sustainably approach revitalisation and address other local challenges.

Target group


Ruritania Game is a tool that can be used by moderators, leaders and animators of local communities. A workshop based on Ruritania Game can be an occasion to bring together stakeholders from the community and immerse them in a simplified reality that will help them build connections with each other and understand the real-world complexity of achieving rural regeneration, foster creativity, and support consensus building, in effect leading to the increased commitment to action. The game helps participants understand the tradeoffs and synergies in achieving their goal. The Ruritania Game workshop may be the first joint step to further actions for the sustainable development of the local rural area.

It allowed participants to experience and reflect on tradeoffs and synergies between various strategies of developing rural areas. It also helped them develop a shared understanding of the major challenges and opportunities for their areas. The evaluation shows that Ruritania Game helps participants understand the tradeoffs and synergies in achieving their goals.


A few regions received a special verion of the simulation tailored for their needs. List of the regions/institutions below. The versions differed in some elements (specific heritage buildings) and languages.



  • Madra Geopark, Turkey (language: turkish)
  • Appignano del Tronto, Italy (language: italian)
  • Geopark Karavanke, Austria/Slovenia (language: german/slovenian)
  • Magma Geopark, Norway (language: norwegian)
  • Geo-Naturpark Bergstrasse-Odenwald, Germany (language: german)
  • Gronja Radgona, Slovenia (language: slovenian)



Free for non-commercial purposes

Number of players

more than 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


2 hours and more


Ruritania Game Kit


How to run this game?

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