Ready! is a physical game which introduces players to the topic of disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction. It shows an innovative approach to focusing attention on those issues. The game is prepared to be set in a real-case scenarios.


Facilitator provides the disaster scenario.

Teams select 8 priority actions from brainstorm list.

Teams prioritize actions using beans. Record a number of beans assigned to each action in the upper right-hand corner of the Priority box.

Next, facilitator’s helper collects beans and sets them aside.

Teams assign difficulty of action using dice. Record the number of dice assigned to each action in the upper right-hand corner of the Difficulty box.

Teams write down their team’s name on their cards.

Facilitator’s helper places actions around the game space with the number of dice assigned to that action.

The facilitator provides instructions on rules of game playing (see Facilitation Guidance).

Teams discuss their strategy (going individually versus groups to complete actions etc).

Facilitator brings teams to a starting line, announces countdown (On your mark, get set, go!) and calls time after 1 minute.

Once time is up, facilitator calls teams to return with only the completed actions, leave the uncompleted actions where they were.


The game is the result of a collaboration between the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre and Parsons The New School for Design’s PETlab, a research group that creates games acting in the public interest.


Improving communication skills, disaster preparedness, teamwork.



Free for non-comercial purpose.

Number of players

more than 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


30-60 minutes


8 Index Cards per team; each card has 3 blank lines with Team Name, Priority and Difficulty written in the top right corner, next to each line

pens (a few for each team)

20 beans per team

20 dice per team


prizes for the winning team(s)



Fixed time for completing actions may be a problem for facilitator (measure time and observe).

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