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Bury me, my Love tells the story of a Syrian couple, Nour and Majd. They are separated, as Nour decides to leave her country and tries to reach Europe for a safer life, but Majd has to remain and take care of older relatives. The only way they can communicate is through a chat application on their smartphones. As a player, you witness those conversations and try to help Majd provide Nour with the best possible advice and support.


As a player, you and your virtual counterpart Majd communicate with Nour and follow her journey, just as if you were chatting with her via WhatsApp. You will text each other and exchange emojis, pics and selfies, relevant links etc.

You will also be asked to make important choices – Nour will regularly seek help and ask for your advice. The happy unfolding of her journey is in your hands.

You can choose between communicating in pseudo real-time or according to your own speed. Option 1 implies that if Nour is supposed to do something that will take her a couple hours, there will be no way for you to reach her during that time lapse. Once she is back online, you receive a notification that she’s available – and perhaps needs you. Option 2 implies that real-time notifications are disabled and allows you to play the game whenever you want to.

After finishing the game, you can retake it as many times as you want to and you might experience different outcomes.


Migration of Syrians to Europe due to the Syria war.

Target group


  • Players learn about the stories and experiences of refugees on their migration journey.
  • Players experience how Syrian people might communicate online.
  • Players might develop empathic skills as they take over the role of another person.


The game is based on real events and was inspired by a Syrian woman named Dana, who tried to reach Europe in September 2015.
In Arabic, “Bury me, my Love” is a farewell saying that means “Take care”, “Don’t even think about dying before I do”. Syrians might say it to a loved one, before going separate ways.


From 0.99$/1.09€ to 4.99$/4,99€ depending on the device.

Number of players

1 player

Number of moderators

no moderator


2 hours and more

Technical requirements

Available for iOS (9.0 or later), ANDROID (4.1 or later), NINTENDO SWITCH, and PC (Windows 7+, 4 GB RAM, 250 MB available space).

How to run this game?

To play the game go to the game’s website or download the game for mobile device.

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