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Climate Warfare in Climate Wargame

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By now, we have written about many games concerning climate change. Now, that the COP21 have already ended, we present you another interesting game with this topic.
Climate change and climate risk are finally gaining acknowledgment for their importance. As a result, many consulting companies take on the challenge to create new tools to deal with those issues.
In Greenbiz, we can read about one of those companies:


In its Climate Wargame, consultancy Four Twenty Seven aims to give players a taste of the complex decision-making and risks assessments that climate change is forcing upon companies, cities, and organizations. They’re targeting teams executives who plan business operations and city managers who plan logistics and infrastructure.


Four Twenty Seven noticed that climate change brings on wider shifts in our world and that it is essential to adapt our behavior and strategies to those shifts.


It’s important, especially for leaders to know how to deal with the always changing environment.

Climate Wargame seems to take this problem really seriously:


In game play, Four Twenty Seven equips each team — groups of people from the same company, city or organization — with data on the types of climate change risks that a geographic region is exposed to, information on the sensitivities of various types of operations, i.e., manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and a scenario of a business.

Provided data helps players to understand connections between the various aspect of the problem and its results. By analyzing numbers and information, Climate Wargame participants might be able to predict future turn of events.

With that, they can consider different adaptation measures, calculate the outcomes and actively take part in a decision-making process.

But, like in real life, not everything can be predicted in Climate Wargame. Players roll the dice to determine effects of climate change to simulate uncertainty of climate change and “Mother Nature’s fickle wrath.”
There is also another big advantage of the Climate Wargame. The game is entertaining and engrossing and with that serves as a great “talking point for meeting with clients”.

Let us hope that we will see more games like that in the future.

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