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Climate Games for COP21

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For the next week, eyes of the whole world will still be focused on Paris and COP21. The UN summit brings together about 40,000 people from over 190 countries in negotiations regarding climate change issues.

In the spirit of COP21, we want to present tools for spreading understanding and knowledge about climate change. We have already written about COP21 Calculator that can help you comprehend what is at stake.

We also mentioned some games on climate and climate change. Now, let us take a closer look at them.

BBC Climate Challenge

Climate Challenge

This fun browser-based game created by BBC will give you a basic understanding of impacts of climate change. In Climate Challenge, you become the leader of the European Union and try to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. To do that you will have to choose which policies to implement in 5 different areas such as: Industry, Trading, National, Local and Household. But remember to take into account their diverse impacts on government expenses, energy and food production, water use, CO2 emissions, public opinion etc. You will be able to negotiate with leaders from other continents and deciding on your long-term emission reduction targets.

Can You Keep the Earth in Balance?

Can you keep the Earth in balance

If you are looking for a game that on top of teaching you important information about climate, demands a fast reaction, this web-based interactive quiz is something for you. Furthermore, you can learn how humans fit into the complex and ever changing system via charming interactive infographics and videos.

World Climate

World climate is a simulation which you can play without any electronic devices. With it you can experience the dynamics of  global negotiations on climate change. You have a chance to feel as if you were participating in COP21! In turn, you can also learn more about climate change in general. And with addition of Climate Interactive tool – C-ROADS  you can also: “translate climate mitigation scenarios into emissions, concentrations, temperature, and per-capita emissions outcomes”.

Climate Game


Last but not least, we present Climate game, created by Centre for Systems Solutions. Climate Game is an interactive online game that sets you on a quest to conquer a Nauru island covered by green trees and thick forests, which you can harvest in order to gain some profit. But, Climate Game, with its simplified logic, take an interesting spin on climate – harvesting trees increases the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which in turns contributes to climate disasters.

Do you want to try one of those games? Let us know if you liked them!

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