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How to calculate the future with COP21 Calculator?

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Before the start of COP21, we should all stop and think. What the world is really doing to stop climate change?


The COP21 Calculator, created by Climate KIC and Financial Times might just be what we need to see the bigger picture.

The COP21 Calculator is based on the methodology previously used in the Global Calculator. But, unlike its predecessor, the new calculator focuses on showing the effectiveness of a country’s COP21 pledges:


Now, for the first time, using the COP21 Calculator, anyone can see what would happen if countries curbed their emissions in line with their pledges. The Calculator shows that the emissions pathway from the combined pledges could place the world on a trajectory of 4 degrees of warming by 2100.


With COP21 Calculator, you can check which countries have made what pledges.

Furthermore, you can also see how it will affect the environment and raise global temperature. But it is not the only feature of this tool:


(..) Calculator allows you to decide for yourself how countries should co­operate in the short, medium and long ­term in putting emissions on a downward trajectory.”

The Calculator lets its users simulate their own model for cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Users can try out many different scenarios and inspiring new solutions. This Calculator could easily evolve into a game. It could join other gaming tools about climate change, like BBC Climate challenge or Can You Keep the Earth in Balance?.
Climate change is one of the biggest problems of our times. Even a little rise in global temperature could have catastrophic results for the environment as well as global economy. It is not an impossible challenge. But to overcome it we first have to understand its importance and how it could impact our world.


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