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You’re responsible for evacuating citizens from natural disasters happening across the entire map. Make critical decisions on mobilizing your three rescue crews. The most effective rescuer will win the game.


Move your rescue car, van and helicopter across the map racing against the spreading disaster zones.

The game begins with 3 boards tales, rest of the boards tales comes during the game (all: 12 board tales)

players set counters into place

the game is divided into four phases: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Triage . In each phase the player rolls a die to determine the disaster ( 8 on the die – nothing happens). After rolling the player puts marker with level of disaster on suitable place. In each of the rounds players have different vehicles to rescue people. In the third round the player rolls the die to improve the weather.

the vehicles: van (rescue 4 people, go 2 places), car (rescue 3 people, go 3 places), helicopter (rescue 2 people, go 4 places)

In the triage phase you must put people’s counters on the aside  if the disaster is in 1 level, on the back – 2 level of disaster. When you didn’t rescue people put the counter on the back, after the next level raises you must remove those counters.

The game ends after all the people have  been removed.

Players count all the people they evacuated. Players can reach a maximum score of 23 (20 people and 3 vehicles). In case equal numbers appear,the player with more standing people wins . If that is also equal, compare whose people are least injured.


The game concerns rescue people from disasters. The gamers must decides whom rescue to win the game.


Through  the game, players learn to make social decisions.

The game requires tactical planning and strategy.

Another benefit obtained is knowledge about  managing Multiple Priorities in a Crisis.

Sparks value discussion.




The game costs about 40 €.

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

no moderator


1-2 hours


Triage game kit


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