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SPENT is an online game about poverty and the challenges it brings forth for each and every person. Throughout the game, players make series of decision which impacts their income. Each decision is connected to different dilemma and problem tied to the health, the level of education and providing the basic needs for your family members. Often there is no “good” solution to issue at hand, which for some, might raise the level of frustration. At the same time, thanks to such model of the game, everyone can gain the better understanding of the everyday struggles of people struck with poverty and homelessness.

The game ends when players either run out of money before the end of the month or make it through with money left over.


The player is given $1,000 to survive for one month.

Throughout the game’s one-month period, the player faces dilemmas which reveal how quickly changes in employment, housing, medical costs and other expenses can have disastrous consequences for normal people.

The player can ask the Facebook friend for help by connecting the game to the social media.

At the end of the game, regardless of the results, the player is invited to join the cause of helping those struck by poverty by donating money to a non-profit organization.


Poverty and homelessness


Players understand problems with managing a home budget in the world where even the most basic medical help costs money.

Players learn that the changes in employment, housing, medical costs and other expenses can have disastrous consequences.

Players not yet familiar with the issue can get the first-hand experience of living from check to check

Players get the access to the real-life platform for helping to deal with poverty


Free for non-comercial purpose.

Number of players

1 player

Number of moderators

no moderator


15-30 minutes


Technical requirements

computer with web connection and browser

How to run this game?

To play the game go to the game’s website.

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One thought on “SPENT

  1. A friend of mine shared this after using it in a college course. The situation was very close to home – I only make about $200 more than the game gives you for a month. Its hard to live like this, but we make do. Hopefully something will change in the future. I wish I could donate, but I AM the poor.