Landopoly focuses on environmental and social influence on the regional economy and economy as a whole. The game forces players to cooperate with each other to make important for them and their region decisions.


Ask players to describe decisions they have made recently.

If playing the game in teams, let teams vote for the method of decision-making or have them appoint a leader.

After the games have ended, discuss the results, who won, and why did the winner reach the end more quickly than others.


Factors affecting decision making.



Training in decision-making.

Cooperation and communication.

Gaining knowledge about environmental policy and its connection to the regional policy.

Working in the group.

Good starting pint for the discussion on environmental policy and economics as a whole.

Created by




Free for non-comercial purpose.

Number of players

more than 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


2 hours and more


game board



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