Fish game

The Fish Game

Enivironmental policy. Flash game. Less than 15 minutes. Use of a lake’s common resources. Teaches how to use environmental sustainably.

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Weather Or Not

Weather or not

Climate change. Simulation. 1-2 hours. Decision making team game which actively encourages in depth discussion about the uncertainty of weather forecasts and future projected climate change. Materials for schools and universities or training for NGOs employees.

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Water control. 1-2 hours.Flood- Wise is a simulation game about the transboundary flood risk. Issues that may arise if transboundary flood risks need to be managed.

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Dramatizing Difficult Concepts

Disaster management. Charade. 1-2 hours. In this game teams of players are given a limited time to create and perform a skit conveying a specific topic or problem.

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Before the storm

Before the Storm

Disaster management. 1-2 hours. Participants, split up into groups, are given a series of weather forecasts laid out at 10 days, 48 hours, and 12-hour intervals.

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