Bosai Duck

Bosai Duck

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Bosai Duck is a card game mainly aimed at training young children on how to respond to a threat. Bosai (in Japanese) means disaster prevention, and Duck (in English) refers to the ‘duck’ pose, to drop, cover and hold, which is a recommended first-act response if an earthquake occurs.


This game uses cards which contain illustrations on both sides; one side illustrates the threat, and the other side illustrates the appropriate response to the threat.

After learning about each threat and practicing the appropriate responses, the game starts.

The players start the game by singing any songs while dancing or marching.

In the middle of the singing, facilitator will show one of the threat cards randomly.

The players should yell the correct keyword while posing in response to the shown card.

After posing, the facilitator may tell the  appropriate response by showing the response card on the other side.


Created to teach very young children how to react to dangers such as avalanche, earthquake, flood, storm surge, wild fire.

Target group


Bosai Duck can develop knowledge on disaster management.

According to the results of a pretest and a post-test on disaster management knowledge, scores of the players have clearly increased.

Bosai Duck is not only fun but also useful to develop knowledge of players on disaster management naturally.

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Deck of cards costs about 8 € (in Japan usually provided by schools) but game can be played with self-made cards or without card.

Number of players

more than 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


15-30 minutes


deck (game can be played with self-made cards or without cards)


Technical requirements

CD player or radio

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