Florima (Flood Risk Management game)’s main goal is  to give students insight into the flood risk management. The game is intended for high school students of around 15 to 16 years of age. It is meant to be played during one 45 minute class. It is played with multiple groups of 4 students each.


Facilitator explains the rules of the game.

Each player is provided with a certain amount of money.

The game facilitator selects one of the scenarios from appendix B (recommended is the third scenario).

The game facilitator begins the game by announcing the water level of the first round from the selected scenario.

The game is based on rounds. Each round takes a couple of minutes. On the board, an indicator of the water level will be seen. Each round starts with the announcement of the water level.

The players may decide to use their money to take measures. A player can only take measures to his or her own area, but may also provide other players with money to take measures. Any player or combination of players may take the Channel Widening or the Water Retention Area measures.

When a measure is taken, a token should be placed in the corresponding box on the board.


This is a board game designed during the course on the Delft university of technology (TU Delft).

Target group


Understanding flood risk management in a high-stress environment.

The process of decision-making and fast reaction to new situations is highlighted.



Free for non-comercial purpose.

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


30-60 minutes


Florima print outs


How to run this game?

To run/play this game download it from the game’s website.

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