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Games at the World Water Day

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This year again, the IIASA and the Centre for Systems Solutions celebrate World Water Day together. Under the theme “Better water, better jobs”, we bring games that address problems of reconciling competing demands with supply and other water-related challenges.


What is a World Water Day?

World Water Day was created as “an opportunity opportunity to learn more about water related issues”.

Earth first World Water Day celebration started on March 22nd 1993, and since then it was held annually. Each year, UN-Water sets different theme for World Water Day, which also has a connection to the current world issues.


According to the UN-Water webpage:

Today, almost half of the world’s workers – 1.5 billion people – work in water related sectors and nearly all jobs depend on water and those that ensure its safe delivery. Yet the millions of people who work in water are often not recognized or protected by basic labour rights. The theme in 2016 — water and jobs — is focusing on how enough quantity and quality of water can change workers’ lives and livelihoods – and even transform societies and economies.


Why Water Games?

When we look at the modern entertainment media, gaming is becoming part of its mainstream. But at the same time, new applications of games arise – people now more often use them to solve complex problems. These serious games don’t helpplayers to escape from reality – but to improve it. As a result of the world is becoming more and more complex, and the future more and more uncertain, serious games emerge as innovative tools for learning, decision making, improving effective collaboration and developing successful strategies.

With games, we can communicate complex realities and learn from mistakes without costs. Moreover, appealing to people’s desire for challenges, collaboration and competition, altering players’ habits, they can motivate them to adopt sustainable behaviors. As a result, games can provide exciting ways to bring people’s attention and raise awareness about water issues. And to inspire people to take action is the main goal of UN-Water World Water Day.
We believe, we can reinforce the key messages of World Water Day 2016 using serious games. Enjoy playing and please, give us a feedback about your experience with water games.


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