Hurricane strike!

Hurricane Strike!

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Over the course of seven days, Hurricane Erin forms in the Atlantic Ocean, crosses the Florida peninsula, and then makes another landfall at Fort Walton Beach. During these days, the players are introduced to many basic concepts of atmospheric science, climate, and geography, while also learning some important and possibly life-saving safety and preparedness skills. The game includes several interactive activities that address hurricane meteorology and hurricane safety.


Watch weather report and look out for hurricane Erin.

Help with necessary preparations before hurricane strikes.  Read information about hurricanes, prepare duffel bag and evacuation plan for the whole family, secure your home.

Learn how to act during the hurricane by giving good advice to friends.


Created as a learning material to support children education in hurricane preparedness.

Target group


The game increases the awareness of hurricanes.

Players learn about hurricane science and how to prepare for hurricane and act during one.


Many interesting links for young users.


Free for non-comercial purpose.

Number of players

1 player

Number of moderators

no moderator


1-2 hours



Making account on webpage is necessary.

Technical requirements

  • computer with web connection

How to run this game?

To play the game go to the game’s website.

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