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Navigating the complex landscape of barriers and bridges to achieve sustainable business is not easy. It is often necessary to design more effective strategies for sustainable business transformation both from inside (managers) and outside (customers, civil society organizations, policy makers). Playing the Green&Great game allows participants to see the big picture, practice addressing challenges along the way, and help provide motivation for business sustainability transformation.


Green&Great is a simulation game in which players assume the roles of managers of large consulting firms. Their income depends on the external projects they carry out, which can be obtained on auction.

In Every project requires employees with specified competencies. Player can hire the employees, set their salaries and train them – but if the employee’s job satisfaction is low, he or she may leave the company.

All projects have positive, neutral or negative impacts on environment, society and employees’ wellbeing. The company’s reputation – visualized in form of Compass tool – depends both on these impacts and on implementation of internal projects.

With the game’s progress, players learn the importance of reputation and its influence on their business.


From the societal perspective, companies need to change and frequently make an investment to become more sustainable. The game focuses on business motivation and business case for sustainability.


Engage audience

Change attitudes and actions towards sustainability

Experience complex business reality

Explore with the AtKisson’s Compass

Learn effectively in less than 2 hours

Training in negotiations and decision-making


Using game as a Moderator is licensed. Visit webpage for more informations.

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


2 hours and more


Technical requirements

one computer or tablet per each player or team of players, with current version of Google Chrome browser installed

How to run this game?

To play/run this game go to the game’s website and contact the game’s creators.


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