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In City Council each player takes the role of a council member of a newly founded city. The government will select the members of the city council for the first few years until the city rises and flourishes, by which time the most popular member will receive the position of Mayor.


  1. Setup the game: each player gets 1 cardboard marker and 3 round tokens in a matching color.
  2. Shuffle the deck of Favour cards. Each player gets 2 cards, the remaining deck is placed face down beside the game board.
  3. Each player places round tokens on “0” in the Scoring Track.
  4. Set the starting City Budget.
  5. In the first round players randomly determine order.  Player who assumed the role of the Election Committee chooses the rest of the players roles. In the next round the Election Committee decides which player will change the roles.
  6. In the next step each player submits a plan (e.g. Construct a Building, Sell a Building) to the other council members to get their approval.
  7. Then players vote on how the plans with most votes will be executed. In a 2-3 player game the 2 plans with the most votes will be executed and in a 4-5 player game 3 plans. The player in the role of The Election Committee decides on the execution order.
  8. After council meetings players can hear unemployment reports and resolve all actions e.g. updating the Power Supply and City Budget tracks. 
  9. When one of the players scores 11 favour tokens, the game ends but not  before other players can make their moves. Winner is named the City Mayor.


In order to build the city, you and the other councilmen must maintain a low level of pollution, fight crime, create jobs, and sustain an adequate city budget. If you and the others don’t keep up the good work, the city project might not succeed, the government will take over, and all players will lose.

As a member of the council, you must also strive to gain the favor of the different political groups who rule the streets of your city. As the game progresses and the city grows larger, more and more political interest groups will try to impose their will on the city by knocking on your office door and asking you for small “favors” in which you will have to act on their behalf. In return, they’ll offer you their support and you’ll receive victory points for your personal cause, possibly allowing you to become the city’s first Mayor.

Target group


  • Players learn to make responsible decisions
  • Players learn to cooperate for a greater good
  • Players learn about the power of influence of various political powers and groups
  • Training in policy making and decision making
  • Tarining in public speaking skills
  • Players practice conveying their plans and arguing about its main points
  • Players learn about difficulties with answering to the demands of various groups


Game expansion “Disaster Deck” is now available.

Created by



Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

no moderator


1-2 hours


Game board, Rulebook, 44 Building tiles, 52 “Favour” cards, 28 wooden people tokens (15 Blue collar workers,7 White Collar workers and 6 black delegates), 33 wooden cubes: red (criminals), black (pollution), pink (community) and green (goods), 7 Money ‘$’ tokens, 15 round Players tokens: 3 for each player, 5 player markers: 1 in each color, 2 “Re-locate” tokens, 2 “Sale” tokens, “Key to the city” token


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