Plainsopoly is a simulation of land use, where players face difficult questions on the topic.


Players have to debate about the question asked and find solutions to the problems.

Answers and justification are noted down by the moderator.

Game ends when every participant lands on the last square. Players must now create new vision for the county of RUFshire using all of their previous answers.

Lastly, the  moderator has to deliver a report based on his/her notes form the game.


Created as an “Great Plains region” answer to RUFopoly.


Players can experience important issues connected with policy making process and urban development.

Training in  decision making and policy making process.

Players creativity is stimulated.

Players have an opportunity to create their own vision of development etc.

Players understanding of plans devising and policy is deepened.

Players may understand that every decision they make will have some impact on the future results.

The game sparks up discussion and debate about chosen topics.

Players may understand the material in RELU project.

Importance of debate is highlighted.

The game forces players to widen perspective and look at the discussed topics from various angles.


Similar to RUFopoly.


Free for non-comercial purpose.

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


30-60 minutes


game board


pen and notebook for moderator  notes

blank cards



Game board is hard to obtain.

How to run this game?

To run/play this game go to the game’s website and contact its creators.

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