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What video games can learn from board games?

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One could say that nowadays board games do not mean much. Especially when we look at it in the context of video games culture with their omnipresent connections to pop culture.


However strong the video game industry is there are still plenty of things that digital games’ developers can learn from good old board games.

Even though video games have their beginnings in board games, board games are somehow seen as less advanced and duller digital counterparts. While over the last few years this way of thinking has been changing and games have been getting more and more popular, it is still hard to convince some of theboard games’ advantages.
So what are those ideas that are so hard to translate into video games but so easily included in board games?

Despite time and space limits, board games provide more real interactions. Players have the opportunity to freely communicate with others over the board. Those games don’t limit the relationships to cooperation and player vs player option; players are able to change their alliances. Some games, for example Diplomacy or Dominare, encourage bluffing, spying, or even cheating. It gives additional edge to the gameplay. Conseuently,  it also ensures that the game will have different outcomes.

And isn’t it important to have such opportunities in a game? Thanks to that board games tend to be better at simulating real life. In turn, simulating real life situations and interactions is essential in building framework for sustainable education. So, with board games not only can you enjoy a little backstabbing activity and deceit. You can also study and learn about such behaviour in a safe environment.


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