Tammany Hall

Tammany Hall

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In Tammany Hall players assume roles of the aspiring politicians of the Tammany Hall in New York City, fighting against each other in the game of corruption and backstabbing, to become a mayor.


Tammany Hall is played in 16 rounds. Each round is 1 year.

First each player chooses a ward boss color and first player is randomly decided.

“Year Marker” is set up on “1” space on the “Year Track”.

Each player gets 3 “Slander chips”.

Each round players can : place immigrant cubes onto board (Castle Garden), use benefit of the City office (Office Benefit), place pieces on the board (place 2 ward bosses or 1 ward boss and one immigrant cube from the Castle Garden box on the board and take one political favor chip), slander (1 player at time).

At the end of every round “Year Marker” is moved 1 space.

After 4 years players take part in the elections.

The winner is decided by the victory points.


Created as a simplified simulation of the political dynamics.

Target group


Players learn about political dynamics and influence of the immigrants in American politics.

Players gain knowledge about shadow politics and connection between money and politics.

Training in negotiations and decision-making process.

Players experience position of power and understand hardships of such position.

Players learn to plan ahead of upcoming elections.

Created by


The game costs about 40-50 €.

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

no moderator


2 hours and more


Tammany Hall board game kit


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