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Riskland is an educational board game that deals with disaster prevention. The game conveys messages that help you understand how some actions can reduce the impact of disasters, while others can increase our vulnerability.


Begin the game by placing all tokens on the starting line.

Taking turns, the players advance by throwing the die and moving ahead by that amount of squares indicated by the die.

When players land on a red square (surprise), they are to follow the instructions indicated on the top surprise card, but when players land on one of the blue spaces (question) another player is to ask them the question on the top card of the question card pile. If the person who landed on the square answers correctly, they get to go again.

The first player to reach the finish line is the winner.

If the number on the dice is higher than the number of spaces between the player’s position and the finish line, the player must advance to the final space and then move his or her token back as many spaces as are left over from the number on the dice.


The game teaches children, in a fun and simple way, about natural disasters and ways of preventing them.

Target group


Simple way to teach players about what they can do to reduce disaster impacts.

Children gain knowledge about protecting themselves in the form of questions and answers.

They learn what is needed during various disasters.

The game is enriched with interesting illustrations that help remember new knowledge.


The educational kit and Riskland may be adapted as appropriate. For example, the basic idea for the kit may be used but instead accompanied by drawings created by a local artist. Alternatively, the original artwork or text may be changed to reflect local hazards, culture and conditions.

Created by




Free for non-comercial purpose.

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


less than 15 minutes



single dice

one token of a different colour for each player

24 question cards

24 surprise cards


Some questions may be difficult for younger children.

How to run this game?

To run/play this game download it from the game’s website.

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