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food challenge
food challenge
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The food challenge deals with the question of how we can sustainably feed a growing world population. Should you invest in intensive or organic farms? Do we protect our own market or compete on a world level? Can we make sure everyone has enough to eat and prevent obesity?


The game participants are divided into two six person groups. There are two game boards. Each game board represents the world with all its fertile lands. Each team represents a country. The game starts with a short introduction of the rules.

The game starts in the year 1950 and each round that is played counts for 10 years. The global population grows over the years and so does the demand for food. Players can build farms to grow the food and feed their population. The goal of the game is to get the highest revenue at the end of the game. When the rounds are done, the game is finished with a debrief that ties together and reflects upon the lessons from the game.


The world is becoming increasingly complex and this calls for appropriate tools on how to deal with the world’s commons. The Food Challenge aims to provide players with insights into the dynamics at play and to stimulate reflection on collaboration between different players with different interests and perspectives. The Food Challenge is a variation to the Perspectivity Climate Challenge, which is based on the tragedy of the commons and complexity theory. The Food Challenge has slightly changed and added dynamics. 

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Perspectivity challenges are offered in a three-tier tariff set-up: Profit-sector €89 p.p., semi-profit sector €59 p.p. and Non-profit €29 p.p. Licensing is possible under special arrangement, which includes a Training of trainers. Perspectivity uses the proceeds of Perspectivity Challenge sessions for further investment, with the objective to give as many young people as possible the chance to learn valuable lessons about navigating complexity.

Number of players

more than 10 players

Number of moderators

2-3 moderator


2 hours and more


Food Challenge Game Set



The Food Challenge is slightly more complicated than the original Climate Challenge because of an additional game dynamic.

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