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Ökonopoly® is a game box. The collection offers five economic experiments which can be carried out in class with students:

  1. The Market Experiment – Price setting with regard to supply and demand.
  2. Team Player or Free Rider – Usability of public goods.
  3. Exchange in an economy based on the division of labor.
  4. Matching Processes – The process of job seeking.
  5. Trade between two nations.

The game box contains the necessary materials, the instructions for the experiments and ideas for connecting interesting learning topics. The learning contents range from pure economic contents through environmental issues and social aspects to ethical values.


The teacher is guided through the course of the game of the respective experiment by means of a presentation. There are different variants and tasks for students of intermediate (middle school and high school), which can be selected depending on the application.



Target group


1. The Market Experiment:

  • Terms related to price setting in the market (supply and demand curve, equilibrium price and quantity etc.).
  • Economic constraints and goals of suppliers and consumers.
  • Price setting in a polypol.
  • Convergence to a stable market equilibrium.
  • Conditions for perfect competition.

2. Team Player or Free Rider:

  • Problem of freeriding.

Impact of the group size on the problem of freeriding.

3. Exchange in an economy based on the division of labor:

  • Advantages of the monetary economy over the barter economy.
  • Specialization and decentralization support the monetary economy.

Realizing the basic function of money.

4. Matching Processes:

  • Terms related to the labor market (opportunity costs, search costs, unemployment etc.).
  • Functional mechanisms of the labor market.

Search behavior of different job seekers.

5. Trade between two nations:

Terms related to trade.

  • Impacts of international labor division.
  • The distinction between absolute and comparative costs.


The game box was developed together with teachers of the Saarland (Germany) and is freely available for schools in the Saarland.

Created by




Free in Saarland, otherwise it costs 250€.

Number of players

more than 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


2 hours and more


Game-Box, USB-Stick, a folder with game instructions and lesson topics.


Technical requirements

Ideally PC and projector (but not mandatory).

How to run this game?

To get this game go to the game’s website and contact its creators.

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