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Ökolopoly is basically a board game version of complex ecological, economical and sociological computer simulation.


Each round, players adjust 9 wheels representing current  conditions. Some of the settings influence other settings, for example ‘production’ will influence ‘polltution’ etc.

The game’s main goal is to create balanced and stable conditions.

Optional game setting includes event cards and different scenarios (reverse side of board game).


Created to simulate ecological, economical and sociological city development.

Target group


Creating plans and researching.

Seeing connections between different conditions.

Understanding complexity of the issues.


Prototype verrsion of Ecopolicy. The game had later its PC version.

Created by


Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

no moderator


1-2 hours


board game

9 wheels (dynamics, social, pollution, production, action points, wellbeing, enlightment, reorganization, enlightment)

optional event cards



The game is hard to find. PC version is no longer available on official webpage.

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2 thoughts on “Ökolopoly

  1. Dear games developers,
    Can you please let me know when there is an app of this game. I am a teacher and would like pupils to play ökolopoly, however please an English version would be favoured.
    We need games like ökolopoly in order to nourish a healthy educational input in terms of computer games/ mobile phone apps for future generations.
    Kind regards

    Thomas Larasser

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