Master of Disaster

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Master of Disaster is a game about disaster survival solutions. Players use their knowledge to earn resource tokens that will enable them to survive random disasters as they appear in the Scenario deck. The winner of the game is the first player to advance the entire path of the board and be awarded the ‘Master of Disaster’ title.


Each round players rolls the dice and move the pawn around the board the designated number of spaces.

If the pawn lands on either a Q & A space or a Scenario space on the game path, the player must read the cards carefully and take the action described.

The player picks the top card and hands it to the other players to read outloud. If the player answers correctly, he/she will receive an amount of tokens that is listed on the card. If the player is not able to answer correctly, he/ she does not get any tokens.

The player can draw from one of four types of Scenario cards: “Scenario – Disaster Card” (disaster scenario is listed along with a specific token point value), “Scenario – Chance Card” (player must respond to the action), “Scenario – Change of Direction Card”( all players must change the direction of their pawn movement on the board [counterclockwise > clockwise]. A change of direction may occur up to two different times in one game depending on the random draw of this card. The fourth type of the card is a “Scenario – Quarantine” card. The player must roll the number instructed on the card before they can move from their current space on the game path.

If a player’s pawn lands on a Q & A or Scenario space already occupied by another player’s pawn, the player taking their turn must move through the same actions required by board space.

The game is considered “won” when the first player reaches the “end” of the Master of Disaster space. A player must roll the exact number that allows them to land directly on the Master of Disaster space; they cannot simply pass the the space to win.

If one of the players runs out of tokens and is unable to meet the debit required for a Scenario-Disaster card situation, game play will continue with the remaining players.

If a player runs out of tokens, the remaining players have the option to continue to play w/o that player until someone reaches the Master of Disaster space. Optional game-end: if a player runs out of tokens, all other players will take one last turn and then each player’s token points are counted to determine 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. Rankings are decided by the player with the highest number of token points and so on.


Game was created to educate children etc. on disaster survival

Target group


The player will be able to identify risks and solutions for surviving disaster situations.

The player will be able to identify a variety of common resources that are specific to surviving both man-made or natural disasters.

The player will be able to identify how to use resources to survive situations that arise in a disaster.

Gameplay is driven by creating a mood of suspense and feeling of insecurity to replicate the unpredictable

A good introduction to the topics such as disaster management, disaster preparedness, disaster survival, safety.

Good prelude to discussion.



Free for non-comercial purpose.

Number of players

more than 10 players

Number of moderators

1 moderator


30-60 minutes


game board

40 Scenario deck of cards – ‘change of direction’, ‘disaster scenario,  ‘chance’ and ‘quarantine’ cards

40 Question & Answer [Q & A] deck of cards

one dice

4 Pawns

Colored tokens – different colors reflect different value points

60 second sand timer


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