In the Junta players assume roles of various office holders in the ruling Junta. This is game of bluffing and power.


First, players have to elect El Presidente and then vote on the budget that he/she proposes.

Players can try to assassinate the other players by guessing where they will be (choice between five different locations). If assassination is successful, players can take money of the assassinated.The only money they can not get is the money deposited in the Swiss Bank

Players can also plan and execute a coup. In that situation, players can attack El Presidente with assigned forces (e.g. army, navy, air force), or be loyal to El Presidente and attack rebels.


Junta was created as a parody of stereotypical “banana republic”.

Target group


Players learn dynamics of the military junta.

Training in decision making, negotiations, bluffing.

Education in planning and forecasting results of one’s decision.

Training in cooperation and collaboration.

First hand experience of corruption.


The game costs between 30-70$ (depending on the edition).

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

no moderator


2 hours and more


Junta board game kit


How to run this game?

To run/play this game go to the game’s website or check its availability in games stores.

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