Evacuation board game

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Evacuation board game provides a simplified picture of traffic management during an evacuation. If everyone leaves at the same time, the traffic will be jammed and only a few persons will be able to save themselves. Mayors and traffic managers have to try to get as many people as possible out of the area.


Before the water level rises above 12, every citizen that had to be evacuated must have arrived in the dark green areas.

The game will be played in turns. Every turn, the water will rise by one level. When the water has risen above level 12, the area is flooded completely and no further evacuation is possible. That is the end of the game.

There are four teams of 1, 2, or 3 persons: three teams of the municipalities, chaired by the mayor, and the traffic manager. The mayors make decisions together about the traffic streams and inform the traffic manager about their decision.

The traffic manager commands a limited number of police officers and police cars per turn, to regulate traffic so that the evacuation will go efficiently. These officers can also be used for other police tasks, but then they cannot do traffic tasks as well.


Created to teach children about process of evacuation.

Target group


Players learn how traffic is managed during the evacuation.

Because of appointed roles, children are shown the importance of responsibility and its effect on process of evacuation.

Thanks to low level of difficulty, game can be appreciated also by young children.

Evacuation board game is a good preparation for the discussion topics such as: disaster preparedness, disaster management, safety etc.

Created by




Free for non-comercial purpose.

Number of players

2 - 10 players

Number of moderators

no moderator


30-60 minutes


board (print on A3) (downloadable)

16, 12, 12, pawn(s) in three different colours (to be collected)

1 marker for the water height (to be collected)

13 event cards (print and cut out)

Police team cards (print and cut out)


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