Bosai King

Bosai King

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Bosai King is a battle card game that gives knowledge and wisdom on how to respond to hazards by playing the game. A lot of children have learned about disaster preparedness and response through the game


Each child has one deck of card consisting of 20 attack (disaster) cards and 20 defence (management, preparedness) card.

Every round players have to protect themselves from natural disasters or use disaster cards and attack opponent, who has to choose appropriate defence card.


Created as part of the Japanese Bosai Platform with main goal to teach holistic approach to reducing disaster impact.

Target group


Bosai King can develop knowledge of players on disaster management.

Through competitiveness, the players’ knowledge on disaster management is naturally increasing.

Bosai King is a fun and engaging game that is also useful in developing children’s knowledge.


Cards are used to teach pre-school and 1 grade children chinese characters.




Deck of cards costs about 4 € (in Japan usually provided by schools).

Number of players

more than 10 players

Number of moderators

more than 3 moderators


30-60 minutes


Bosai King deck of cards



1 deck of cards costs about 4 euro (in Japan usually provided by schools).

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