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We are always looking for new sources of knowledge regarding sustainability and learning, especially one that includes games. This time our research takes us to the veteran of “learn sustainability” kind of web page.

It is not a first time we present source for sustainability learning materials, we previously pointed out 17goals as a great source for the Sustainability Development Goals related-materials. But, for the first time, we have the pleasure to introduce our readers to a learning portal, that has cumulated sustainability resources for more than 10 years. I’m talking about Learning for Sustainability.


Learning for Sustainability highlights “the wide range of social skills and processes that are neccesary to support constructive learning-based collaboration”.

The site brings a wide range of annotated on-line resources from different sectors and geographic areas together in one easy to access place. It is largely sourced through material developed in the sustainable development, natural resource management, public health and agricultural sectors.

The page is home for such topics as Systems thinking, Risk communication and engagement, Facilitation tools and techniques and many more.

The most interesting part of this portal, from a person interested in serious games point of view, might be On-line games subpage of Learning for Sustainability. You can find there some sustainability games descriptions (for more you can check our Gamepedia) and materials focused entirely on using online games to teach about sustainability. According to the authors:

Games allow players to try, make mistakes or fail, and then try again without losing face. Discovery and application of learned skills in new contexts encourages exploration and experimentation. A sense of engagement continues during gaming. Computer games allow players to be stakeholders in the events that occur on the screen. Increasingly, there are a number of games being developed that help people learn about the issues involved in sustainable development. Besides which … they are fun!

Learning for Sustainability is a complex source of materials and ideas surrounding learning sustainability.


How do you learn sustainability? What sources do you use when teaching about sustainability and the Sustainability Development Goals?

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