Games Platform

This platform was created to equip sustainability educators with online games to make learning more engaging, effective and fun at the same time.

All games on the platform are free to use for non-commercial purpose.

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The games collected here are based on electronic devices: laptops or mobile devices and require the Internet access. In order to use these games you need a group of players and a moderator (yes, you can become one!). Here you can get access to the Online Games Platform, where you can select a game, create a session and invite your students or friends to join as players.

If you haven't used the Games Platform before, we strongly recommend learning more about its functionalities and content before accessing the Online Games Platform.

Available Games

About That Forest game logo

About That Forest

Effectiveness and stability of policies for management of common goods.

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Climate game

Climate Game

Collaboration and communication in context of common goods management and climate change.

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Forest@Risk screen


Community pathways to sustainable forest management and disaster preparedness.

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Forest Rules screen

Forest Rules

Community pathways to sustainable forest management.

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Forest Rules screen

A Common Dilemma

Effective common goods management.

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